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Morris Habitat for Humanity builds 2 homes in Perth Amboy for US Army veterans

The effort is part of the national “Veteran Build Week” initiative.

Matt Trapani

Nov 6, 2023, 10:48 PM

Updated 226 days ago


The Morris County chapter of Habitat for Humanity is helping United States Army veterans become homeowners.
The effort is part of the national “Veteran Build Week” initiative. Two homes are being built in Perth Amboy, which are adjacent to each other. The organization says that multiple donors helped make it possible.
"Habitat Humanity International promotes Veteran's Build Week each year. It's not only to bring awareness about cost burden but also to give veterans a say, have the ability to own their own home, have a great life with families their families and put down roots,” says Liz DeCoursey, CEO of Morris Habitat for Humanity.
The veterans must put 400 hours of “sweat equity” into building their own homes.
One veteran, Mylacaryz, says she gets to have a new beginning with her family.
"It is going to feel great. It's something to look at years from now. Even if we have grandkids we can say, ‘Look, this house was built with our own hands. We helped build this house,’” Mylacaryz says.
The house will be fully built by next November.

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