Morris Habitat for Humanity aims to build 3 homes in 10 days

Hundreds of volunteers are coming together in Morris County to build three homes in 10 days.
Morris' Habitat for Humanity is behind a "blitz build" for families that already work in Morris County.
Morris Habitat for Humanity CEO Blair Schleicher Bravo says the build is important because many families are putting too much of their income toward rent, while others are in public housing.
One of the families receiving help is the Freudenbergs, who are part of the building effort to support their young family of three.
"I think that's the most exciting thing -- to watch [my daughter] now grow up in her own house, to have her own bedroom, to have a backyard to play in," says Tiffany Freudenberg.
Tiffany's husband John is an Army veteran who says the sense of community in the project was great to see.