Morris County barber now making house calls to cater to customers’ needs

The owner of a Morris County barbershop says that he is now making house calls to customers who are not comfortable going to the shop during the pandemic.
“COVID has definitely impacted the amount of people that need haircuts,” says High End Barbershop owner Gilbert Carpeta.
Carpeta says that his shop is open for business, but that demand for services has been low.
“We have to go where our customers need us,” he says. “We’re going to be developing an app that barbers can register on there and we can go to wherever you are. You could be at the office…people at home.”
Carpeta says that is barbers are all fully licensed and fully insured.
“You just kind of have to stay with it as long as you can. Get through COVID, that’s the most important,” he says.
The barbershop currently operates on a mostly appointment basis.