Montvale school officer saves student from choking

A Montvale special police officer is being dubbed a hero after he saved a Pascack Hills High School student from choking.
Officer Roger Caron says that he was patrolling the high school when he saw 18-year-old senior Sarah Bazzini acting strangely in the hallway. He says that he knew something was wrong.
“She was walking in circles. When she saw me, she started to walk a little bit faster,” Caron says. “I could see that she wasn't breathing properly. I asked if she was alright, she gave me the choke signal.”
Bazzini says that she was choking on a French fry that she was eating during lunch.
“I couldn't make it downstairs to the guard’s desk and I couldn't make it to a classroom. So again, thank God Officer Caron was there to save me."
Caron gave Bazzini the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged the French fry.
Bazzini says that she is grateful that the officer was in the right place at the right time.
Go HERE to watch extended interviews with Caron and Bazzini.