Montclair’s historic Crane House remains a key part of Black history in the community

The Crane House in Montclair was built in the late 1700s and it still stands today. It's a key part of the township’s Black history and shows visitors the progression of African American life in Essex County.
At more than 200 years old, the Crane House was first bought by Isreal Crane and served as the home of the Crane family on Glen Ridge Avenue for more than 100 years.
It was purchased by African American women in the community in 1920 and served as the headquarters for the Young Womens Christian Association, otherwise known as the YWCA.
In 1965, the YWCA moved out of the building. Preservationists at the time moved the building to its new location on Orange Road where the Montclair Historical Society was formed. Since then, they restored the Crane House and turned it to the historic house museum it is today.