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Montclair homeowner who had luxury cars stolen says he believes he was targeted

A Montclair homeowner who had thieves steal two of his luxury cars says that he believes he was targeted.

News 12 Staff

Dec 7, 2022, 10:55 PM

Updated 583 days ago


A Montclair homeowner who had thieves steal two of his luxury cars says that he believes he was targeted.
The homeowner tells News 12 New Jersey that it is possible that he was followed or that a GPS tracker was placed on one of the vehicles when it was parked somewhere.
Montclair police say that the thefts happened early Monday morning at a home on Club Way, which sits along the Cedar Grove border. The homeowner says that two people broke through the front gate of his property and stole the cars. One is a 2018 Ferrari Spider – with an estimated cost of $370,000. The other vehicle is a 2021 Lamborghini SUV – valued at $380,000.
The theft happened while the homeowner was asleep. He says that they never heard the thieves and that the keys were in the cars.
These are the types of cars that police all around New Jersey say have been targeted by organized car thieves. The thieves take the cars and drive them to Port Newark where they are loaded onto container ships and sold overseas.
Police say car thefts are on the rise in New Jersey. It has become common for thieves to break into homes to grab key fobs.
Last month, a family in Woodbridge shared surveillance video of two thieves breaking into their home to grab keys to a BMW and a Jeep parked in front of the house. The suspects drove off in a getaway car, but the homeowner feared they would return to steal his cars.
Woodcliff Lake police shared a video in September of two teens who were trying to break into a home to access a BMW in a garage. The suspects had stolen the key fob to the car a month earlier during a break-in and returned to collect the vehicle.
In this case in Montclair, police are searching for the suspects and the cars. However, the owner believes they are likely already out of state or possibly on a container ship.
Anyone who might have information on this theft is asked to call Montclair Police Detective Steven Mateo at 973-509-4721.

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