Monmouth, Ocean County residents taking extra precaution ahead of latest snow storm

With another round of snow ready to hit the state tomorrow, Monmouth and Ocean county residents are taking extra precautions to prepare themselves.
People are racing to prepare their cars and driveways, which means doubling those trips to the auto shop and hardware stores.
Bodymotion auto repair shop in Ocean township has been busy servicing cars for the weather, including changing drivers’ tires to winter ones.
“Anyone that doesn’t have a winter rated tire, really shouldn’t be on the road. They’re a hazard to themselves and other people,” said Bodymotion owner Mike Bavaro. “It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been driving or how good you are. There’s a thing called traction and there just isn’t any especially if the tires are worn. Even worn snow tires are a problem.” Bavaro also recommends checking your car’s battery life and windshield wiper fluid.
Hardware stores across the state, such as Ace Hardware in Clark, have also been busy with shoppers rushing in to buy salt, shovels and ice scrapers. The most sought-after item has been pet-friendly salt.
“You don’t want to use any sodium. You don’t want to use any calcium chloride, if you have pets. You can use a magnesium chloride. That’s safer for the pets,” said Augie Tobia.
The bitterly cold weather has kept both businesses busy over the past several days.
“We were just as ready last year like we are every year. It didn’t snow at all last year,” added Bavaro. “All our snow equipment sat.”
“We’ve been sitting on some of the ice products for 2 years. Not good for us. And it hurts cash flow,” said Tobia.
Anywhere from 3 to 6 inches are expected to fall in Monmouth and Ocean counties over the course of Friday.