Monmouth County teen starts cheesecake business during pandemic

Three months ago, Manalapan High School student Jared Blumer, 18, went from a student to an entrepreneur.
“Ever since I was 13, cooking and baking have been my passion,” Blumer says.
“I tried Japanese cheesecakes…I had leftover batter, so I had this idea to put it into like a ramekin and I wasn’t sure how it would come out. But I baked it, and it was like a mini cheesecake you could fit in the palm of your hand,” he says.
Blumer then decided to start a cheesecake business, naming it Jigglies Cheesecakes.
“I realized at that moment, this is it. This is what I’m going to do,” Blumer says. “When you bite into it, it’s much less dense and more like a creamy, fluffier texture.”
Blumer has been trying new flavors of cheesecake, including Nutella, strawberry jam and pumpkin caramel spice latte. He says that it is a lot of work, but worth the effort.
“Very hard at times. Like trying to balance the schoolwork and the businesses can be really difficult,” he says. “I’m so glad everything that’s happened, with all my customers, the feedback. I do it because I love it.”
Orders are accepted on the company's social media pages. Blumer does deliver within a 5-mile radius of Freehold Raceway Mall. He's currently enrolled in the culinary program at his high school in Freehold and hopes to expand his business in the future.