Monmouth County teen collects, distributes hospital gowns to long-term facilities in need

A high school junior in Monmouth County is spreading some Christmas cheer this week in the form of tens of thousands of donated hospital gowns to facilities that are need throughout New Jersey and beyond.
Tessa Campolattaro, of Rumson, was in the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office storage unit in Eatontown this week preparing boxes of gowns to be distributed.
Campolattaro told News 12 New Jersey that Grainger Supplies heard about her organization, contacted her and donated boxes of gowns after a surplus leftover from the height of the pandemic.
"These are 78,000 medical barrier gowns that I've donated," Campolattaro said. "They're used to protect contact of fluids between patients and doctors, so they are made of a type of plastic that can help prevent, any bodily fluids."
With the help of the sheriff, volunteers will then ship the gowns to 16 long-term care facilities across Monmouth County.
"When you look at what she's done, also raising money for other causes and helping her dad in South America it's just unbelievable. We're proud to help our long-term care centers here in Monmouth County," said Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden.
The junior from MAST high school founded her own organization called One World Shared. Its mission is to obtain unused medical supplies from hospitals and centers in the tri-state region and give them to underserved countries and those in need.
"My father has been going to the Dominican Republic to do pro bono surgeries for about 30 years now, and ever since middle school, even elementary school, I've always assisted him and bringing down toys clothes school supplies, things like that," Campolattaro said.
Once she finishes school, Campolattaro hopes to grow her organization and continue to make a positive impact in the environment and community.
"I want to keep going and keep helping people," she added.