Monmouth County SPCA: 8 dogs rescued from Neptune dogfighting ring

The Monmouth County SPCA says it rescued eight dogs from an alleged dogfighting ring found inside of a Neptune Township home.
Officials say that police received an anonymous tip on Saturday about animals being in distress inside the home on Embury Avenue. Officers apparently followed a concrete path with fresh blood to a backyard with a garage and heard several barking dogs inside the locked structure.
"There were signs of abuse and neglect. Scarring and blood all over the place gave a lot of indications that these dogs were being used for nefarious operations," said Ross Licitra, executive director of the Monmouth County SPCA.
Officials say six dogs were found soiled and inside crates. The dogs suffered from scarring, scabs, injuries and punctures to the ears and mouths. Two more dogs were found outside tied to dog houses with heavy chains.
"Dog fighting, unfortunately, is worldwide. We are not immune to it here in Monmouth County and our law enforcement officers, along with our local police and county police, are going to continue to be vigilant and track these crimes down and prosecute them and do the things that we need to do,” Licitra said.
All eight dogs are now being cared for by the SPCA.
The SPCA says it also collected syringes, IV bags, two dog treadmills and unknown medications suspected to be animal steroids.
Police confirmed that the people who were at the home were not cooperative, and one was arrested for disorderly conduct. So far no charges have been filed related to dogfighting.
"I am proud to say that the Monmouth County SPCA, along with the Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office, holds the state records on putting people incarcerated for animal cruelty. A guy was just sentenced last week for four and a half years for torturing and killing a cat in Howell Township,” said Licitra. “We had another case where someone was torturing German shepherds and he did five years.”
Neptune police, the SPCA and Monmouth County prosecutors continue to investigate the incident. Donations are being accepted for the medical care of the dogs.