Monmouth County leaders question spending of 911 tax money

Monmouth County leaders are questioning the state’s spending of tax money collected from the county’s 911 emergency system and they say they want to know where the money is going.
Monmouth County residents have paid a 90 cent system and emergency response fee every month since 2005. 
The tax generated $122 million in 2016. But leaders say that the money does not benefit the county.
“None of that money has made its way to our 911 center here in Monmouth County…or other 911 centers around the state of New Jersey,” says Monmouth County Sheriff Shaun Golden.
Officials are also asking residents to oppose legislation in Trenton that proposes an increase in the monthly surcharge by 10 percent. This would raise the current fees to 99 centers per month.
The officials say that if the money is not being returned to what it was designed for, upgrading and maintaining 911 facilities, then the public shouldn't be paying more.