Mold delays Hopatcong school opening for a third time

The start of the school year in a Sussex County district has been delayed a third time due to mold contamination.
Students were supposed to go back to school Sept. 14, but the opening has now been set for Sept. 18.
The issue is with Hudson Maxim and Tulsa Trail elementary schools, which had mold inside classrooms. School officials say that all buildings have been cleaned, but that they are awaiting retest results.
Parents say that they are frustrated by the delay and wonder why it wasn’t taken care of earlier.
“I was wondering why they didn’t catch this over the summer and have this ready for school opening,” says parent Mitch VanBeekum.
Parents say that they are also concerned about how the delay will affect the rest of the school year.
“We had a lot of bad winters, so they’re already finishing school at the end of June on a normal basis. Now where is this going to push us?” asks father Edward Lafferty.
The parents also say that they are skeptical that school will start next week.
School officials say the school calendar will be adjusted once classes begin.