Middletown residents honor 37 lives lost in 9/11 attacks

Residents held a silent vigil in Middletown Tuesday evening to remember the 37 town residents killed during the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.
Gov. Phil Murphy attended the memorial and walked along with town residents with candles through the 9/11 Memorial Garden in town. Murphy lives in Middletown.
“This is particularly powerful because it’s our home,” Murphy said. “Making out the images of their precious faces and reading a little bit about them, it’s very, very moving.”
Many Middletown residents say that they remember Sept. 11, 2001 like it was yesterday.
“I remember driving to work and getting called,” said Andrew Fydryszewski.
“Someone’s cellphone rang and then we all went to the TV screens and watched it from there,” said Danielle Bellavance.
The residents say that they all supported each other in the days following the attacks and that it is something that they will never forget.
“I just feel I have to be here for people who lost their relatives and their friends…it’s something you have to do to remember history,” Fydryszewski said.
News 12 New Jersey was told that Gov. Murphy is the first governor to attend the Middletown service since its inception in 2003.
Middletown had more people killed in the attacks than any other town in New Jersey.