Middlesex park closes after police officer fires shot at alligator on the loose

There is still no word on the missing alligator in Middlesex after several days of confirmed and unconfirmed sightings, and even police opening fire.
Victor Crowell Park is now closed to the public. The 3-to-4-foot alligator was spotted in the waters of Lake Creighton and the Ambrose Brook, which is a run between the lake and the Raritan River.
Police visited the area Wednesday and tried to capture the alligator without any luck. It was spotted again Saturday night. News 12 New Jersey was told a Middlesex police officer fired a shot at the alligator from a safe distance. The alligator immediately submerged into the brook. There was no word if the shot was successful.
New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, Division of Fish & Wildlife Conservation Police Officers are also trying to capture the alligator.
Officials say if you see the alligator, do not approach it or try to capture it. Contact the Middlesex Police Department at 732-356-1900, ext. 0 or dial 911.