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Microbursts bring damage to areas of NJ during storm

Meteorologist Justin Godynick says microbursts focus the down draft of a thunderstorm over one area and those areas experience significant damage

News 12 Staff

Apr 15, 2019, 9:34 PM

Updated 1,872 days ago


The storms that rolled through New Jersey Monday may have caused the most damage in areas hit by microbursts.
Meteorologist Justin Godynick says thunderstorms have an updraft and a downdraft. He says microbursts focus the downdraft over one area and that area experiences significant damage. Godynick says the damage is similar to a tornado, but the winds don't spin.
Jamesburg Police Chief James Craparotta says the intensity of the storms was a surprise.
"Yeah I don't think we really expected it to be this intense and to see this kind of damage," says Craparotta. "Telephone poles down, wires down and some trees down."
Some of the worst damage was in Jamesburg. Thompson Park also got hit hard.
Godynick says the severe weather doesn't mean New Jersey is in for a rough spring and summer.

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