Mega vaccine sites reopen in NJ, but appointment problems persist

State-run mega vaccine sites are back open after winter weather in New Jersey and around the country caused disruptions in COVID-19 vaccine distribution.
The snow shut down four of the six state-run sites.
Ruth Schwimer, 83, of Freehold, was turned away Thursday after a 90-minute drive to the Bergen County Meadowlands vaccination site in the icy weather. She says she was told she'd be rescheduled within 24 hours, but she says she is still waiting.
Schwimer is battling lung cancer and says the surgery to remove the cancer is contingent on her getting the vaccine.
"If…because of the weather it's closed, that's understandable," she said. "Send a text message, send something to let people know. Don't make them travel in that kind of weather a long distance only to be turned away. I don't know what else to do at this point."
As Schwimer and others wait for more information, people are receiving their vaccination Saturday rescheduled from Thursday at the Morris County regional COVID-19 vaccination center.
So far, around 1.6 million vaccines have been distributed in New Jersey.
Hackensack Meridian reached out to Schwimer Saturday afternoon, giving her an appointment for the following morning for her second dose.