Meadowlands YMCA hosts food distribution event as demand for help keeps growing

A food distribution event in East Rutherford took place today, and cars were lined up since early this morning waiting hours to come through.
The Meadowlands YMCA has been impacted this year, as membership is down dramatically -- but they are still hosting distribution events. It’s a sign that people all across New Jersey still need help.
“The need has grown tremendously since the summer,” says David Kisselback, CEO and president of the Meadowlands YMCA. “In the summer, we were averaging 50 to 70,000 and now we're averaging more than 200,000 meals a month.”
The Meadowlands YMCA is just one of many organizations that has held food distributions. Around 10 volunteers and staff at today’s event gave out food and meal kits and other things, such as coloring books for kids.
“We've laid off over 300 employees,” says Kisselback. “We've lost more than $5 million and this is just one sample of what's going on with non-for profits in the entire country. So, hopefully within the next administration, somebody will start paying attention to us and realize that we are the backbone of many communities.”
The Meadowlands YMCA has been doing the distributions weekly since March and this morning, volunteers worked since at least 4 a.m. to get the boxes ready. They're are on track to give out their one millionth box of food in about a week.
The distribution site doesn't require people to live in the community, and they don't need to show proof of residency, so a lot of people drive as far from three hours away to wait in line for even more hours to get food.