Mayor: Toddler dies after being left inside vehicle

A toddler has died after she was left inside of a vehicle in Lakewood, according to the mayor.
Mayor Meir Lichtenstein says that a passing neighbor found the 21-month-old girl inside her car seat Monday afternoon and tried to perform CPR. The child was taken to the hospital but died.
The mayor says that it wasn’t clear how long the child was left in the vehicle. He says that he spoke to the parents at the hospital.
"They are very saddened. I was at the hospital and saw the parents there...they are extremely saddened by what happened,” he says. “I obviously can't even imagine the agony that a parent must feel when something like this happens."
Outside temperatures at the time were in the upper-60s. Temperatures are known to rise quickly inside of locked vehicles.
The Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office has not yet announced any charges against her parents.