Mayor: Paterson Public Schools to remain closed until 2024 due to flooding

The city of Paterson is still in a state of emergency and schools will remain closed through the new year, according to Mayor Andre Sayegh.
Bumper-to-bumper traffic is what Paterson residents can expect during the morning and evening rush. There are 28 streets still closed and some 300 barricades diverting cars from flooded streets.
A state of emergency from earlier this week is still in effect, and school closures will also stay in effect until the new year. Severe flooding at intersections near schools is making it hard for pedestrians and motorists to get to schools throughout the city.
Angela Joseph's daughter just started high school and she hopes schools will be back up and running by Jan. 2 when schools are scheduled to reopen after winter break.
"I’m just praying, by the grace of God, that it doesn’t get no worse over the night, over the days and that hopefully these kids can go back to school in January,” Joseph says.
Mayor Andre Sayegh says the decision to close schools was out of an abundance of caution.
"We don’t want to put anybody in harm's way and I’m not just talking about the students… the staff...and anybody who transports... bus companies as well. We’re putting them at risk that’s the last thing, we need is for anyone to be in danger in the city of Paterson,” the mayor says.
The mayor added that this is an ever-changing situation, and the city is following it closely. As for the missed school days for students, the mayor says they may have to make them up on a Saturday.

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