Mayor announces new policy making it mandatory for officers to release body cam footage in certain incidents

Mayor Bill de Blasio announced a new policy making it mandatory for officers to release all video and audio footage from police body cams within 30 days if it meets one of three criteria. 
During his daily press conference, de Blasio says footage must be released if an officer discharges their weapon at a person or in the vicinity of a person, if they discharge their Taser and it results in the death or serious injury of an individual or if their use of force results in the death or serious injury of an individual.
In making his announcement, the mayor says that faith has to be mutual between police officers and the community. He says these changes have to focus on accountability and transparency.
The new policy is effective immediately and comes after the elimination of anti-crime units was announced.
De Blasio says the disbanding of plainclothes units should help to deepen the communication between police and the community.
"This is a signature change for our city," the mayor said.
The mayor also addressed the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. He acknowledged how much the city has accomplished, but says residents have to stay focused and continue following all the guidelines that have worked.
Dr. Ted Long, the Director of Tracing, says thousands of New York City residents have reached out and asked for help with dealing with COVID-19 symptoms and needing a place to isolate when they have tested positive for the virus.
Long also said $4 million is being donated to community-based organizations in the fight against coronavirus.
The mayor also said the numbers related to the virus remain positive with 52 hospital admissions, 334 patients in critical care and just 2% of New York City residents testing positive for the virus.