Massive tree falls, smashes onto Lexus and 2 homes in Union County

A potent line of storms rolled through New Jersey and caused heavy rain and damage in Union County, including Roselle Park – where a tree branch fell and smashed onto a Lexus and two homes.
The home is located on Union Road.
News 12 New Jersey is told the huge tree branch broke off one of the tallest oak trees in town.
Six people lived in the home, but there are no injuries to report.
"I looked through the window and it was actually the transformer that blew up but it was on the corner so I went to see my mom because I was afraid and she told me the tree just fell so I looked through the window and the whole thing was down,” says Angel Chabla.
Angel says it was his daughter's Lexus which was crushed.
PSEG will have to replace at least two telephone poles.
Union Road is expected to be shut down most of the day.