Massive fire spreads to 4 different homes, 18 residents left in the cold

A fire in Trenton spread to four different homes, leaving 18 residents left in the cold without a home.
The fire happened Tuesday afternoon on Colonial Avenue.
According to fire officials, the flames began in an abandoned building, spread to the cockloft, and then spread to the other buildings on the row.
Multiple crews responded, but the fire spread quickly, affecting four different homes.
“Very difficult firefight,” says firefighter Derrick Sawyer. “You’re talking about winter conditions when you spread water; the water freezes and we had to put salt on the ground to make sure the firefighters are safe. You have electrical wires overhead and we're trying to put massive devices in service and you have to be careful of electrical wires."
There are no physical injuries to report.
The cause of the fire has yet to be determined.