Marijuana vote postponement a blow to the cannabis industry

New Jersey lawmakers chose to postpone a vote on the legalization of recreational marijuana due to a lack of support. This has led those in the cannabis industry to say that they feel they are being stonewalled.
“There are a lot of entrepreneurs that are disappointed today,” says Scott Rudder with the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association. “A lot of entrepreneurs are ready to roll.
Rudder says that it should be a no-brainer for lawmakers to pass the legislation in the state.
“Why not raise $300 million of new revenue and create jobs and create an industry where people are creating jobs, we’re paying taxes, we’re part of the community,” he says.
Rudder says that for many state legislators there wasn’t enough time to digest all aspects of the bill, which included legalization of recreational marijuana use for adults as well as expungement for those facing or convicted of marijuana charges.
Rudder says that he supports taking a pause on the legislation and trying to get it right before putting it up for a vote again.
A new vote could happen as early as May. But Rudder says that it is another delay for the future of the marijuana industry in the Garden State.
“If you look at some of the players in this market, they’re people from other industries that want to get into this industry,” he says.
Rudder says that the New Jersey CannaBusiness Association will work hard to get more lawmakers on board to vote in favor of the legislation.