Marijuana sales will begin this week, but not every town is happy to see it happen

Marijuana can legally be sold to adult New Jersey residents beginning on April 21, with about a dozen locations selling to start.
The legalization of marijuana is a cultural moment for New Jersey with big money at stake.
Places like Long Branch are all in, planning at some point to grow marijuana, manufacture it, sell it or deliver it. But not all locations at the Jersey Shore are as eager.
“I think it’s because it’s in direct conflict with the family-friendly atmosphere,” says Point Pleasant Beach Mayor Paul Kanitra. “It’s not to demonize marijuana.”
Kanitra says it is more about attracting families and the revenue that comes along with it.
“Sixty-five percent of Point Pleasant Beach residents voted to legalize marijuana. But it doesn’t mean that they want it sold in the town. It doesn’t mean they want it smoked in front of the kids rides on the boardwalk,” Kanita says.
The focus is to remind visitors that they can’t smoke anything on any public beaches or many boardwalks.
Marijuana sales are starting this week but marijuana use has been OK for a little more than a year.
“And we provided guidance to law enforcement,” says New Jersey Attorney General Matt Platkin.
But that can be confusing, even when it comes to police officers themselves. Platkin sent a memo out just last week saying it's OK for officers to use pot off-duty.
Gov. Phil Murphy said on Monday that he is not sure if this is a good idea.
"Would I be open-minded to a legislative fix that would address this? The answer is yes,” he said.
But the governor also admits that he is relieved that sales of legal marijuana are set to begin this week, after a long struggle.