Marijuana industry bill on hold while lawmakers spar over sales tax rate

The bill to create a legal marijuana industry in New Jersey has been put on hold amid negotiations over the state sales tax rate.
Democratic state Sen. Nick Scutari wrote the bill. He told News 12 New Jersey that he defends the plan.
Social justice groups have criticized the senator and say that they believe that he is not doing enough to help Black communities and families. Scutari says that he does not agree with that assessment.
"No legislator of color has done more than I have with respect to this issue. We wouldn't even be talking about a legalized product and the doing away of arrests of people of color if I didn't bring this up a decade ago."
New Jersey residents voted to approve an amendment that would legalize adult-use recreational marijuana in the state. But lawmakers will need to work out the details before it will be legal to purchase the product.