Many people expected to hit the roads this holiday weekend

Many people are expected to take to the roads this Labor Day weekend, and in about a month, the price of gasoline is set to increase further in New Jersey.
The state Treasury Department announced Thursday that starting Oct. 1 the New Jersey gas tax will increase by 4.3 cents per gallon.
It wasn't long ago New Jersey had about the lowest price of gas in the U.S., but two years ago, a 23-cent gas tax was implemented to help fund the Transportation Trust Fund.
The tax hike was expected to add more than $1 billion each year, but the way lawmakers created it, the tax can be adjusted if it brings in more or less.
In other words, if you find an alternate, such as carpooling, lawmakers can raise the tax again, and they did.
The 4.3-cent increase brings the total state taxes to over 41.4 a gallon and over 48-cents for diesel.