Many NJ residents flock to clinics to get COVID-19 booster, tests ahead of Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is this Thursday and many people will be gathering with friends and family for the first time since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic.
There are some who are worried about rising cases of the virus in New Jersey and are taking extra precautions to keep themselves and their family safe.
There were long lines at the Jackson Street Gym and Jubilee Center in Hoboken. The Jackson Street Gym had a COVID-19 vaccine booster and pediatric vaccine clinic. The Jubilee Center is acting as a COVID-19 testing site.
Appointments for both sites were booked up quickly this week, especially for Tuesday because it is the last day one can get tested and get the results of the PCR test before Thanksgiving.
Medicine Man Pharmacy is working with Hoboken to do the vaccine shots and testing. The pharmacy has been working with the city for months.
Those who aren’t ready for a booster shot say that the testing is another way to protect themselves and their loved ones this holiday.
“Testing is important too because there’s breakthrough cases as well. You want to be tested, especially if you’re going on vacation or going to see relatives,” says Leo Pellegrini, director of Hoboken Health and Human Services.
The city will be hosting another clinic on Wednesday and then will ramp up the effort after Thanksgiving. Officials say they expect to see a full schedule for most of the holiday season.