Many New Jersey votes have yet to be counted. Here’s why it’s taking so long.

As Election Day results continue to come in, many are wondering how the governor’s race got so close and how so many votes remain uncounted.
“Fifty-six districts have not been counted in Essex County. We now need to go to a judge because those machines are impounded,” Essex County Clerk Christopher Durkin told News 12 New Jersey. “It’s possible it’s poll worker-error, where they don’t shut down the polls properly and not able to bring back the results."
The same thing happened in at least five districts in Paterson. Those votes in traditionally Democratic parts of the state, should help Gov. Phil Murphy’s chance of winning once they are counted. But challenger Jack Ciattarelli shouldn’t be counted out, with tons of ballots still left to be tallied up in swing counties Somerset and Morris.
“We have mail-in ballots for multiple different ways. We have early in-person voting, and we have day-of voting. To accumulate all the votes from all those methods takes time, even with today’s technology,” says Ashley Koning, director of the Eagleton Center for Public Interest Polling.
Koning says that counting the mail-in and provisional ballots will take time, but that it is telling that vote-by-mail ballots are trending toward the Democratic vote.
“We have vote-by-mails that can be counted until Nov. 8. That feels like it’s so far away and all of us want to wrap it up today,” she says.
Analysts say that the votes probably won’t all be counted by Wednesday, especially because it is not known how many votes are still left to be counted.