Manchester Township High School threat leads to closure of all district schools today

A threat at Manchester Township High School led to the closure of all schools in the district today.
An investigation began Wednesday when text messages appeared to show a possible threat at the high school. On Thursday, several new posts led to another investigation. 
“After conducting those investigations and searches last night, it was determined to not be a credible threat at this time, but we had to let the investigation follow through completely before we took any other appropriate action,” says Lt. Antonio Ellis.
Police identified two students at the high school as the source of the messages. Both students fully cooperated with police. Ellis says in today's climate all posts are taken seriously. 
“We have to vet these threats when they come around especially in light of recent situations and the news in the media to not err on the side of caution would not be in the best interest of the safety of the community,” says Ellis.
On Tuesday, a Howell Township student posted a Snapchat photo with what appeared to be a weapon, and a threatening caption. But it turns out it was an Airsoft toy rifle. Police arrested the student. Ellis says it's time for a conversation.
“As the parent of a teenager nowadays in the environment their kids don't share enough with their parents,” says Ellis. “They do share a lot with each other. Sometimes other children will alert other parents who may be far more in their children's lives of the issues that their friends are having and I think it's important that parents listen out for all of them.”
Police say the two students will face consequences for their actions, but they stressed there are no threats now in Manchester.