Man fixes neighbors’ garage doors in exchange for food bank donations

A 76-year-old man from Jackson has been fixing his neighbors’ garage doors and asks that they make donations to a local food bank as payment.
Gary Moliver lives in the Westlake Golf and Country Club retirement community in Jackson. He says that over the past few years all of his neighbors have needed help replacing their garage door springs.
Moliver says that there are “1,421 homes in Westlake and I’ve done about 190 springs since 2009.”
After the work is done, Moliver asks that his neighbors write a check of $50, made payable to the Jackson Food Pantry. Over the years, he has said that he has donated $12,400 to the pantry.
“I just had the idea to do the garage springs so that way I could give something to the food pantry, with really what I consider minimum effort on my part, and make a contribution,” he says.
The homeowners say that they will gladly pay Moliver to fix the springs. Some neighbors say that fixing the springs could cost as much as $500.