Man exposed to flesh-eating bacteria has amputation, daughter says

A man who contracted a flesh-eating bacteria while crabbing in the Maurice River last month continues to fight for his life, according to his daughter.
Angel Perez, 60, of Millville, had surgery Thursday to amputate his hands and forearms.
Perez will likely need amputations of both his legs.
His family says doctors say they are more optimistic Perez will survive.
It was just four days ago nurses told her family it appeared there was no turnaround for him.
Perez typically fished in the spot, but after this trip, he was complaining of pain.
He went to the doctor for antibiotics, but the swelling only got worse as the bacteria spread to his blood stream.
The bacteria is usually only a concern when you eat raw shellfish, but Perez says his immunity was already compromised because of Parkinson's disease.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says it only sees about 200 cases of the disease each year, nationally.
Officials say the best way to avoid the bacteria is to avoid raw shellfish, and to only swim in water that is regularly tested.