Man escapes car stuck in floodwaters in Piscataway

One driver in Piscataway found himself in a dangerous situation when heavy rains pounded New Jersey overnight.
News 12 New Jersey was told a man drove through high floodwaters when his vehicle got stuck. Luckily, he managed to escape his car.
Piscataway Mayor Brian Wahler says someone removed barricades prior to 3 a.m. that police put up specifically for flooding. He says the unsuspecting motorist didn’t know the road was closed and drove right into the water.
Car trapped in floodwaters in Piscataway. (Photo: Tony Caputo/News 12 New Jersey)
Wahler said there’s a reason police put the barricades up and that it's “insulting” when drivers go around the barricades and “don’t have the common courtesy to put the barricades back up.”
Wahler also said he plans to call on the Legislature to change the penalties and fines when drivers move barricades.