Man accused of throwing dog out car window in Stamford makes first court appearance

A Yonkers man accused of throwing a Chihuahua out a car window went before a judge in Stamford Superior Court for the first time in the case. Jeremy Cepeda’s hearing Thursday lasted less than a minute, in part because the state asked for more time to investigate before making an offer.
During the brief appearance, the state asked Cepeda be required to cover all veterinary bills for the dog, who’s named Chloe.
News 12 first met Chloe a month ago when staff at Cornell University Veterinary Specialists saved her life. Chloe was rushed there July 10 after Stamford police said a fight between Cepeda and his ex-girlfriend escalated at Cummings Beach.
“There was a domestic argument and the male involved in this incident threw the female out of the car. And at the same time, as he was driving off, he took the Chihuahua—who’s about 5 pounds—and threw her out the window,” said Capt. Diedrich Hohn at the time.
The woman wasn't hurt, but her dog was. Police said Chloe was bleeding and having seizures. She had to be treated for serious head and neurological issues, and recovery will likely be ongoing. Those vet records are now part of Cepeda's case.
“You’re talking at least $4,000-5,000 by the end of this,” Hohn told News 12 last month. “He took his rage out on a poor, helpless animal.”
Chloe is now back home with her owner. An investigation determined Cepeda doesn't live with the woman, and Chloe is safe with her.
Along with animal cruelty, Cepeda is charged with disorderly conduct and two counts of risk of injury to a minor. Police said his two kids with his ex-girlfriend were in the car when it happened.
Cepeda and his attorney, Nicole Feinberg, had no comment following court. Cepeda’s next appearance is set for Oct. 4.