Major parking problem in Montclair right now as business district expands

Montclair's business district is expanding, but they've got a parking problem right now, as the midtown parking lot along Glenridge Avenue closed earlier this week to allow for construction on a new parking deck there.
But the closure angered some business owners who say there wasn't enough parking for their customers in the area.
"If you take away parking and people come here to the town and can’t park, the chances that they are not going to shop or dine here are big,” says Michael Martinez, manager of an animal hospital. “They are just going to go somewhere else."
City leaders are working with the businesses on an alternative parking plan and are accepting the blame for the lack of proper planning.
"We should all take responsibility in the town,” says Montclair Councilman Peter Yacobellis. “This was a communication breakdown, this was a communication failure, and we need to do better."
The parking deck project is expected to be completed in a year.