Major cleanup after heavy rain causes flooding in Little Falls

Mother Nature left behind a major mess after storms this weekend.
Parts of Passaic County were hit hard Saturday by all of the rain.
Officials are still processing the damage to parts of Passaic County, including Little Falls which was hit with two feet of water.
Little Falls currently has several inches of mud on roads like Harrison Street.
The Peckman River returned to its banks quickly but damage in the neighborhood remains.
Residents say some homes suffered water damage, including basements flooding. Some were filled nearly to the ceiling with water.
Residents say somewhere between three and four feet of water flooded into the area very quickly.
"It came so fast," said Zlate Malinajdovski of Little Falls. "I mean -- like within an hour everything was just like flooded. They evacuated us, but my wife and I, we decided to come back."
The flood waters carried several cars and tossed them down the street. One car even collided with the foundation of a home.
Others were swept away from the Jeep and Dodge dealership on Route 46. They collided with each other on the bridge and were later fished out of the river.
The dealership says they are doing a count of how many cars were in the water and what kind of damage each sustained. They say the vehicles are insured.
Firefighters say they were out on the streets overnight to clean up what they could. Residents are now also helping to clean up.
More rain is expected in the forecast.