Madison residents split over proposal for medical marijuana facility

Residents in one Morris County town showed up in full force to discuss an application for a medical marijuana dispensary the town is considering.
The crowd that filled Madison's Council Chambers Tuesday was passionate on both sides of the issue.
There were some who said that medical marijuana is beneficial and having easy access to a dispensary would benefit many.
“What about thousands of kids whose lives would greatly improve from access to medical cannabis?” asked one resident.
But others say this is not the type of facility that they wish to see in their town.
“For me, it's in my backyard and I’ve got little kids playing in my backyard,” says neighbor Katie Perkins.
The borough council had a hearing for an application to open its first dispensary at 340 Main St. The borough approved medicinal cannabis sales in April.
There is support for the spot - hundreds have signed an online petition to say “yes.” But even more have signed another one in opposition, backing their campaign against any cannabis sales in Madison with lawn signs all over town. Their concerns include traffic, safety and the potential that medical-only could grow beyond that.
“Why not just do away with it all? Not only do we not want recreational. We don’t even want the chance for it to start as medicinal and then people pulling strings and other applications coming in,” says resident Caitlin Santora.
The mayor addressed some of these concerns and promised that there are no plans for recreational sales in Madison.
“The council will then discuss and vote on the application and the additional resolution confirming that Madison is not a town that has any interest in expanding licensing or zoning to permit recreational/adult-use cannabis now or in the future,” says Mayor Robert Conley.
If the dispensary is approved, a developer's agreement will be drafted and voted on and then permits would need to be approved. The dispensary could then open by early 2023.