Lyndhurst students thank first responders who battled fire at Washington School

Students in Lyndhurst visited the first responders who battled the fire at Washington School back in September to thank them for their service.
Superintendent Joseph Decorso says the firefighters are heroes.
"Our first responders did an amazing job coming out to the scene," says Decorso.
Assistant Fire Chief Paul Haggerty says his department responded with full force to save the building.
"The first arriving company made a pretty aggressive push into the basement despite zero visibility and high heat," says Haggerty.
Part of the focus of the field trip was also on fire safety.
"Our biggest tip that we tell them, their homework is to go home and make sure they have working carbon monoxide detectors in the home," says Haggerty.
Haggarty says the damage was mostly cosmetic and that they still don't know the cause of the fire, but he says it could have been much worse without help from the smoke detectors because the school was unoccupied at the time.
The students handed out gifts to the firefighters to thank them for saving their school.