Local store provides an alternative to returning gifts

People who don?t like returning unwanted gifts can still get some money back, thanks to the store Auction iT NJ.
The store is owned by brothers Richard and Steven Cherin. People who receive unwanted gifts and don?t like making the trip to return them can drop them off at Auction iT NJ, where the Cherin brothers will sell the items over the Internet for a percentage.
Though Auction iT NJ has a storefront, the business is linked to the auction Web site eBay. ?They bring it in, we take care if it, and within a few weeks they get cash for it,? Richard Cherin said.
In addition to selling individual items from locals, Auction iT NJ also buys items in bulk from stores and sells those on eBay.
The average check a seller receives ranges from $400 to $700. Rarer items generally sell for more money. An accordion just sold for $1,600 and signed Beatles bobbleheads recently sold for $10,000.
Auction iT NJ says the demand is so great for auction items that they?re looking to move into a 5,000 square foot warehouse.
For an interview with Steven Cherin about Internet re-gifting, go to Channel 612 on your cable box and select iO Extra.