List of recalled hand sanitizers grows as FDA finds 2nd potentially toxic chemical

The list of recalled hand sanitizers now includes 149 products because of toxins found that are not shown on the labels.
The Food and Drug Administration has now found some sanitizers contain 1-Propanol, which is a chemical that can cause damage to the central nervous system. And some sanitizers labeled as having ethanol actually contain methanol instead.
“Ethanol and methanol are very different types of alcohol, which is why we’re so concerned with patients having methanol on their hands,” says Dr. Deena Adimoolam, an assistant professor of medicine at Mount Sinai.
“The issue with methanol is it’s broken down into different substances, such as formaldehyde, which is broken down further into formic acid. Formic acid is actually very toxic to cells of the body, especially cells related to the eyes,” she says.
The list of recalled sanitizers has grown to include dozens of different brands, but sometimes the problem is limited to just one or two lot numbers. A list of the recalled products can be found on the FDA’s recall database.
Meanwhile, there's a new problem with the COVID stimulus checks:
Six weeks ago, News 12’s Walt Kane reported about how one in four stimulus debit cards had still not been activated because people had either hadn’t gotten them or confused them with junk mail and threw them away.
More cards have now arrived, but there are some new problems.
News 12 viewer Anderson says, “I receive Social Security disability. I filled out the IRS COVID tax form and included my child as a dependent, but I never received the $500 credit.”
News 12 checked with the IRS and Anderson is not alone. Unfortunately, people like him will have to wait longer.
The IRS says, “For Social Security (and other) beneficiaries who used the Non-Filer tool (from) May 5 through Aug. 5…The IRS will automatically issue the catch-up payment in October.”