‘Left alone with your thoughts’ - Former Gov. Christie describes COVID-19 hospital stay

Former Gov. Chris Christie says that dealing with COVID-19 left him feeling beaten up from the inside out.
Christie described his bout with the virus in a virtual meeting with Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine. He says that the virus took not only a physical toll but a physiological one as well.
"I was in the intensive care unit but in isolation behind two-inch-thick glass. The glass was so thick you can't even hear the nurses on the other side. They would hold up a whiteboard…and I had a whiteboard to write back to them. When they came in they were in heavy PPE, so, you're just left alone with your thoughts,” the former governor said.
Christie was in the ICU at Morristown Medical Center for a week. He says that no matter how tired people may be of the virus, they need to continue to wear masks and wash their hands.