Lawsuit alleges Mount Holly student was relentlessly bullied prior to suicide

Eleven-year-old Felicia LoAlbo Melendez took her own life after being persistently bullied by classmates at the F.W. Holbein Middle School in Mount Holly. Her family filed a lawsuit against the Mount Holly School District on Thursday.
The girl’s mother, Elaina LoAlbo, says the district did nothing to stop students from bullying her daughter, despite numerous requests for help.
Felicia LoAlbo Melendez.
The lawsuit states Felicia was bullied over two years by seven students. The suit lays out several examples of bullying. Two of those students told Felicia to “unlive yourself.”
On another occasion, a student placed water on her chair and after Felicia sat in it that student said, “Look, who p*ssed in her chair,” to the laughter of other students. At other times, Felicia was called, “gay,” “c**nt,” “ugly” and “furry,” all according to the lawsuit.
Felicia LoAlbo Melendez.
Felicia was found unconscious on Feb. 6 in a school bathroom after attempting to take her life. Two days later she died of her injuries. The cause of death was ruled a suicide.
Superintendent Robert Mungo is named in the suit, along with sixth grade counselor Terry Convery and Danial Finn, another employee at the school.
The Mount Holly School District has not yet responded to requests for comment.