Lawmakers push to waive new NJ graduation exam for class of 2023, citing lingering effects of pandemic

A bill has passed the state Assembly to waive the New Jersey Graduation Proficiency Assessment, just another way lawmakers hope to ease the burden on high schoolers -- citing the lingering effects of the coronavirus pandemic.
Current high school juniors may not have to take a new exam to graduate. It’s for the class of 2023.
Lawmakers recommend using the exam as a practice test to develop future assessments.
The state Senate would now have to pass the measure before Gov. Phil Murphy could decide whether to sign it into law.
Sponsors of the proposal say the move is needed because of the damage the COVID-19 pandemic has had on students' education the last two years, as well as mental health concerns among children that have gotten worse during the pandemic.
Sponsors say adding a new test would add to students' anxiety and stress.