Large tree falls on Newton home; thousands without power amid snowstorm

A Sussex County family was forced to evacuate after a large tree fell onto the home, severely damaging it.
Shannon Colditz says that the tree fell around Monday night on their home on Yates Avenue in Newton. The first snowstorm of the season was bearing down on New Jersey at the time.
“I was sitting in my bedroom with my 2-year-old and all of a sudden, I heard the biggest boom I’ve ever heard. I saw colors, like blue, orange, purple. And the house shook,” Colditz says. “I did not think a tree. I thought something exploded somewhere.”
Colditz says that the tree knocked down live wires and that they had to evacuate the house through the garage. The family will be staying in a hotel for the night while they assess the damage.
Monday’s storm brought wet, heavy snow to the Garden State. There were reports of multiple trees and powerlines down because of the storm.
State utility companies were reporting more than 35,000 power outages around the state – the majority up in Sussex Country.
Parts of the state saw over 10 inches of snow, although most areas saw an average of around 2-4 inches.
The storm caused speed restrictions to be put into place on some state roadways, as well as a commercial vehicle travel ban on some interstate highways.
State police say that they responded to over 400 vehicle crashes on state roadways and over 300 calls for aid.
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