Lakewood Township School District faces financial issues

A letter sent home to parents in the Lakewood Township School District states that the district is having financial problems.
But Superintendent Laura Winters writes in a statement, “District administrators are going to fight to get the students of Lakewood everything they need to ensure they received thorough and efficient education.”
Lakewood Reverend Glenn Wilson wants the state to intervene.
“It is inconceivable that we are back in the hole $17 million in deficit,” he says.
Wilson says that investigations will uncover years of excess spending on busing and special education.
The district is facing millions of dollars of budget cuts due to the financial issue.
“These cuts, if they go into effect, they might as well close the schools down,” Wilson says.
The cuts may cause there to be more than 50 students to a classroom and lay off more than 100 teachers.
Wilson is hosting a meeting Monday with this community group Unite Lakewood to discuss the financial issues. He’s invited other community leaders interested in finding a solution to the deficit.