Lakewood to add more sidewalks to increase pedestrian safety

Lakewood officials have announced plans to add more sidewalks in town in order to better protect pedestrians.
Officials say that many town residents get around by walking, so eight roads in Lakewood will become more pedestrian-friendly. Among them are Circle Place, Regent Drive and Gudz Road.
Pedestrian safety has been a concern in Lakewood for several months. Four pedestrians have died in Lakewood within the last year.
Many Lakewood residents tell News 12 New Jersey that the big problem is that many drivers in the town do not pay attention while driving.
“Drivers aren’t careful here in Lakewood,” says resident Elvis Winter.
"Sometimes people driving here are crazy. They see the stop sign but people don't stop,” says Edwin Rivera.
The sidewalk project is part of a $2 million transportation project that also includes road paving.