Lakewood public schools' official issues warning for students, staff riding buses to comply with all regulations

The township of Lakewood continues to lead the way in new positive cases of COVID-19 in Ocean County, and as a result, the first private school has now switched to remote learning. The announcement also follows a new warning for students and staff riding buses to comply with all regulations.
The warning comes from the Lakewood public schools' spokesperson and attorney Michael Inzelbuch, as some buses are shared between public and private schools. Inzelbuch warns any bus seen with drivers or students not following district enhanced safety protocol must be reported or face fines and further action. It comes after reports of maskless children and drivers were seen in the township. 
Meanwhile, private girls' school Bnos Esther Malka voluntarily closed Tuesday after exposure to COVID-19 by several students and staff members, according to the headmaster. It’s the first religious private school to shut its doors following a spike in COVID-19 cases in the township. The school will remain closed through the Sukkos holiday. 
Four of Lakewood 's public school students and 10 staff members tested positive since the start of the school year. Inzelbuch says despite the cases, because of safety measures in place, the schools remain fully open and most of the individuals have returned after quarantining. 
Inzelbuch warns the district will continue to take action against any staff member who fails to follow COVID-19 requirements. Inzelbuch says the public-school district continues to receive praise from the health department for the safety measures put in place and the ability to hold full time in class instruction.