Lacey school district revises policy banning guns outside of school

An Ocean County school district has revised a policy that banned students from having guns outside of school.
The policy had said Lacey students could be punished for having weapons "on or off school grounds." But it now states that students cannot bring weapons to school or on a bus.
The Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs had threatened to sue the district over the policy. That came amid reports that two students had been suspended for posting a picture of guns at a shooting range.
"They have a written policy in their handbook which prohibits any student from possessing in or out of school any type of weapon for any purpose,” says Association of New Jersey Rifle & Pistol Clubs attorney Daniel Schmutter. “That means a student could be punished for hunting on a weekend with their parents."
The district has said reports of the discipline were incorrect but has declined to provide specifics, citing privacy rules.
The gun association says the policy change appears to address its major concerns. But the group's lawyers are still reviewing it.
The Lacey Township school superintendent did not return News 12 New Jersey’s request for comment.
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