Kinnelon woman rescues 2 men, young boy from sinking boat

Two men and a young boy are now safe following an amazing rescue by a woman in Kinnelon.
Jennifer Watson was in her home on Easter Sunday when her dogs started barking. She ran outside and noticed a boat that was nearly underwater at Fayson Lakes. Two men and a young boy were struggling to get out of the freezing water.
Watson is a competitive swimmer and a lifeguard, so she sprang into action.
“I took off down the side of my hill into the water, fully clothed. I needed to help the dad who was yelling to help his son because he needed him to get to shore,” Watson says. “I swam out and grabbed the boy and swam back to shore as fast as I could.”
Watson says that the boy was very cooperative and didn’t panic at all. She then made sure that the two men made it to shore safely.