Kids with diabetes get trick-or-treating experience at Montefiore Hospital

Montefiore Children’s Hospital kicked off an initiative on Wednesday that has been changing the lives of children with diabetes for the past 11 years.  
Children from the hospital got a chance to trick-or-treat in a different way through a candy exchange. Those who went trick-or-treating with friends on Halloween can bring their candy in and exchange it for a toy or gift card.  
The event also teaches kids about the resources and habits they should have to live healthier lives.  
“A lot of families tell me they have no other support, they don’t know any other kids with diabetes, so it’s a chance for parents to meet other people and the kids to meet other people so they don’t feel quite alone,” said Rebecca Crespi, pediatric nurse practitioner and diabetes specialist at Montefiore.  
Many say this candy exchange is a reminder that kids with diabetes can enjoy all the same great parts of childhood as their peers.