Kean University plans for classes to begin Sept. 1, tells students to expect to be back on campus

Kean University is telling students they can expect to be back on campus this fall, planning for classes to begin Sept. 1.
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The announcement comes as schools all across New Jersey finish up the school year after switching to virtual learning.
According to the university, it will all be in accordance with the current state guidelines come fall, including social distancing and mask wearing for students and staff.
Staff will be on campus as early as this month, with more in July. They'll be preparing for the coming academic year and adjusting workspaces in accordance to CDC guidelines.
Students will also notice some big changes when it comes to on-campus housing. Capacity is limited to account for social distancing, and some communal spaces will be closed. Applications for that are coming soon, and July 1 is the deadline.
The university says it’s all pending state guidelines, but they expect in-person classes to resume in what it's calling a "hybrid format" this coming school year.
They also say they are prepared to go completely virtual once again if the situation calls for it.
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